Monthly Archives: November 2008

My Favorite Medication

A Terrorist attacked the other day
Along with himself he took four others away
His shrapnel dug in the flesh of ten more
Filling the shop with blood and gore
I saw the horror, there on the news
Read it in the paper, still unamused

I squinted my eyes and let out a yawn
Skipping the story of a child now gone
A war torn country, full of greed
Rose to conflict with unstoppable speed
As one innocent family stood for the right
Their child was taken, killed in the night

Again my interest could not be swayed
By yet another evil the news portrayed
They spoke of elections for corrupt men
Who would do anything to ensure a win
I couldn’t care less and couldn’t take more
All of this news was all such a bore

Ignoring the world I tuned in to a show
That caught my attention with its humorous flow
All of the stories I had just heard
Could no longer make me one bit perturbed
For each event lost its somber mood
Becoming the brunt of banter so crude

Now entertained, I laughed ’till I cried
Joking of those who so tragically died
There I was, rolling on the floor
Tickled by beliefs that would only kill more
Society’s quickening death and decay
Were, to me, topics for play

After a while I laughed hard enough
And felt it was time to finally get up
To leave a few giggles for tomorrow
Sleeping away a world of sorrow
So I climbed into bed and turned out the light
But falling asleep would be quite a fight

For as I lay down thoughts came to my head
Of all the cries and shouts from the dead
Souls that were lost for Satan’s pleasure
Lives uncountable by any measure
All of the stories now seemed so real
As I pondered how the devil has zeal

And I thought to myself, forgetting to pray
“Where is God in the world of Today?”
I had the answer right in front of my eyes
For it was my laughter that was evil’s disguise
God he was hidden by our laughing mitigation
The humor that plagues this numbing generation

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Winter Evening

And tonight I watch the snow fall down
Snow fall down, snow fall down
Tonight I watch the peaceful flutter
Peaceful flutter of snowflake stutter

Tonight I’ll sip my cup ‘o tea
My cup o’ tea, sweet, sweet tea
Tonight I’ll sit and reminisce
Reminisce of those I miss

And this peaceful night I just sit back
Just sit back, just sit back
And in a while I’ll grab a book
Read a book, in my nook

All this night I’ll roast by fire
Roast by fire, roast by fire
All this evening I’ll watch the flames
Watch the flames, the dancing flames

And for this night my worries pass
Worries pass, seen like glass
Because this night I’ll sit in peace
Sit in peace, sit in peace

And now I’ll rock myself to sleep
Myself to sleep, myself to sleep
And wander through a dream so deep
A dream so deep, a dream so deep

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