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October 2009 Prayer Letter

I’m getting close to being able to go overseas to South Africa and work with Trans World Radio. Through many generous gifts and pledges I’m over 70% of the way there. Although monthly pledges are my chief need right now, they are not the only way you can help. One thing I need is new connections with people and organizations.

Expanding my base of contacts is good for two reasons: Prayer and potential donors. The more people that know about Trans World Radio the more people we can have praying for us. It also means more people know about my financial needs. If you have friends or relatives that may be interested in Trans World Radio’s ministry let them know about me. You might invite us over for coffee or dinner and let me share about Trans World Radio.
For now that is all. Thanks for your continued prayer and support. Please take some time to read the “Stories from TWR” section. It is one of my favorite examples of how God can use radio around the world.t

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October 2009 Podcast

The first ever SPLRK podcast, updating you about me and TWR in the month of October.

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Brodcasts Help Missionaries

Two lonely missionaries sat in their car in the desert of Eritrea. Their last attempt at planting a church with the Afar people left them frustrated and discouraged. Moving on to the next village they decided to take a rest and listen to the radio before they moved on.

In the meantime a local Afar farmer had been wandering in the desert for nearly three days. After loosing some of his flock he went searching for them.  Now, after three days he realized his peril: lost and without any water, he would soon die. The farmer’s last hope was the supernatural so he prayed a simple prayer, “God if you’re real, then send me someone to give me water and to tell me the truth.”

The farmer finally stumbled across the missionary vehicle and heard the Gospel coming from a TWR broadcast. Afterward he found the missionaries and asked for water. When they provided water for him he told them, “Now I know what I heard on the radio is true.” With his help, the missionaries were able to start the church they couldn’t before.

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