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May 2010 Prayer letter

Three months ago, I landed in OR Tambo international airport. After a warm welcome back, I caught up with a friend, ate with my hosts and caught up on some sleep to prepare for the next day. Since then life has been almost non-stop.

The day after landing my boss (James) briefed me on my new big project. Many of you know that TWR wants to make media available and searchable on the internet. The prerequisite to that is gathering all that information from producers. My big project at the moment is to develop a tool that will gather the information from our producers as well as help producers organize their programs. Several producers struggle to keep their programs in order

I’ve also filled in here and there as our IT staff continues to be stretched. Currently there are three of us; myself, Waldo (currently a student) and our Systems Administrator Gottfried. One big prayer request for us is extra help. Gottfried and Waldo constantly deal with pressure from our servers and other computer needs around the office. I help when I can, but my priority is the producer’s tool.

Outside of TWR, I’m learning how to be a long-distance boyfriend. Along with the pain of separation, God continues granting Elyse and I a deepening relationship. Please continue praying as we learn together yet apart.

Youth ministry at Grace Baptist church went on without me. After a year and a half, things have a tendency to change. Many kids have moved up from AWANA to high school and some have grown out of high school. Regardless, there still remains a large portion of the population under the age of 18 that need to hear Christ and God’s word. I’ve spent the nights and weekends reconnecting with old friends and new church members.

I spent last weekend gathered with four-hundred thousand men on several farms in Eastern South Africa as guests of Angus Bachum. He spoke to us saying it was time for us to step up and say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” This was the theme of South Africa’s 7th Mighty Men’s Conference. While there, I saw a glimpse of the vision of TWR. Prompted by Angus, 400,000 pairs of knees hit the ground in prayer to Christ. Lead by music 400,000 pairs of hands lifted to praise the name of Jesus. Though TWR is not gathering hundreds of thousands in one place, TWR is speaking to hundreds of millions with one message: The hope of Christ. Though we feel a burden for using mass media, the end goal is to see knees bowed and hands raised to the glory of our coming King. May His name be known and His name be praised

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