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August 2010 Podcast

The second podcast I’ve made. This one aims to catch you up on the past seven months of me being in Africa. Hopefully this will be the start of more frequent podcasts.

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August 2010 Prayer Letter

The answer to the question most of you are asking is yes, I look so excited because I managed to get a ticket to see the U.S. play in a World Cup match. A good friend happened to have an extra seat to the match between the U.S. and Slovenia.  For the equivalent of about $20 I went to cheer for my home country in the World Cup. I certainly caught the World Cup fever with rest of South Africa during the month of July. Schools closed during the entire tournament and the South African media talked about little else.  One month of almost non-stop football…. Or soccer as we Americans say.


Being a media Ryan and Jacky at a World Cup Soccer matchorganization, TWR also jumped in the mix. Since TWR Africa’s broadcast personnel consists of no one that specializes in sports, we joined forces with a British organization called 2K Plus. 2K Plus specializes in covering sporting broadcasts from a Christian perspective. We provided a studio for them and they produced programs that gave our listeners updates on the games but also gave our listeners a chance to hear about Christ from some of the football stars. It has been our privilege to work with these men.

Another excitement for TWR Africa has been the arrival of six interns to our Continent. One went to Benin, two are working in Swaziland and three came to the office here in South Africa. Many of you may know that TWR always needs extra help. After a big recruitment push for the last year, TWR benefited from that campaign and have seen an increase in interest in the organization. The interns have been a blessing and we are praying that there will be a more permanent interest from those who visit this summer. Please   join us in prayer that more people will be interested in joining TWR as missionaries. As is the case with most ministries, we always need more people.

There is no big news about my producer’s tool project. God blessed these past several months with a lot of progress. I appreciate your   prayers as I continue to reach milestones with the project. Still, there remains a good portion of work to do.  Please continue praying for myself and the technical staff here in South Africa.

Apart from TWR I experienced a break from youth ministry. With school holidays being granted during the World Cup, youth group didn’t meet for about a month. We finished last term well with a focus on relationships. The group is small but certainly well-connected  with each other. Many of the boys opened up during the week that we had separate guys and girls programs. Please continue to pray for the youth and the youth committee at Grace Baptist. We are beginning a new term, meaning we’ll have new opportunities to pour into the youth and to share the gospel with the next generation.

One other ministry opened up as school Jesus and God’s Salvation to the kids in our area.  Though we did have a lot of fun, we  emphasized the holidays began: Holiday Bible Club. Holiday Bible Club is the South African equivalent of Vacation Bible School. As the school term ended I was asked to co-MC Bible club. I jumped at the opportunity to amuse children by dressing up in funny costumes, dancing to children’s songs and being just plain silly. More importantly, I jumped at the opportunity to tell the story of story of Paul throughout the week. We are praying that the seeds planted now will grow to become young men and women who love the Lord. Many of these kids come to our AWANA program on Friday nights so they are continuing to get Biblical teaching. As you remember the youth, please remember the children as well.

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