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November 2010 Prayer Letter

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Ryan and Friends

October has been a whirlwind. As winter ended and spring rolled around so did all the things that have to be done at the end of a year. For one thing my Producer’s Module project is finally getting to be used.  James announced that I would be travelling to Kenya sometime in October to install the first live version of my software. My trip would aim to do any setup needed for my software and also train the intended users. The opportunity to not only travel but to finally see the effects of my software was great, but it meant a lot of work for the 1st two weeks of October to get ready.

Along with that TWR’s MAM project took a huge leap in coming together during the month of October. MAM (now LinguaDMS) is the system to archive and make available the media TWR produces and airs. We’ve outsourced the project, but internally we have a team for evaluating the product. I’ve been given the responsibility to take charge of supporting the system for the Africa Region. That means I’m also a part of the development team. We filled the month of October with meetings as we received the specifications from the developers. It has taken a huge chunk of time but has been well worth it. The team has welcomed the meetings as they are a huge step forward. The first phase of the system should be ready next April. Please pray for the development of the MAM system over the next six months

Dave and Bob
As I write this, I’m in Kenya now, installing the software and fixing bugs as we stumble across them in the process. So far the trip has gone very well. My friends David and Bob have been excited to see that we are working to help them organize their programs. Often they are asked for back up copies and reports of old programs and it creates a quite a hassle to find what programs have been aired and where they are archived. My software will make that much easier for them.  Things are moving right along with TWR. After a year of developing ideas and software, we are seeing something tangible.

Grace Baptist’s youth will be experiencing a huge change in January. Our youth pastor will be leaving for East London. That means I’ll be filling in for him next year. We’re sad to see Marc leave us as we’ve benefitted from his ministry, but he’s trained the youth committee well.  We’re confident that the Lord will do great thing s in the midst of this farewell.  I would certainly appreciate your prayers as I prepare for the next year.  I will have the Christmas Holidays to return home and spend with the family. I’m looking forward to some time to relax and to see my family as well being able to see Elyse again. I also hope I will be able to see many of you while I am back briefly.

We had a great listener reponse from Ethiopia.  Read it by clicking the following link: Transformed life in Ethiopia

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Transformed life in Ethiopia

ethiopia church

A young man in Ethiopia recently sent us a letter testifying that God’s love can reach beyond both physical and spiritual bars. He writes:

“I am 27 years old and am writing this letter to share my experiences and testify to the changes that took place in my life while I was confined in a prison.

“I was an immoral person exercising all the unlawful or illegal things and even sometimes committing crimes: robbing, stealing, burglarizing, abusing sexually and verbally, fighting and so on. I am not here to mentionall the crimes I committed. Indeed I have the intention to share my experience, which is not pleasant, so that others may learn from me.

“For now, I will just share my experience since thetime of my imprisonment. It was not my first experience of being seized and placed in a prison, but this one was seriously putting me into severe stress and frustration. I was sentenced to five years that made me feel hopeless and helpless, spending my days weeping and wandering in my thoughts. My health was deteriorating day by day. I was suffering from nightmares and flashbacks during the night, getting scared and shouting.

“There was a prison mate in the next cell, worried about my situation and trying to approach me. I re-fused to open myself to him, but he never gave up.  Finally his efforts brought about results. He was talking to me, referring from the Bible, and his words were unusual to me, a different approach and a different way of speaking. Carried away by his approach, I gave up, disclosing myself to him, telling every detail about myself and my feelings.

“He was a believer and was imprisoned because of a false accusation. I felt sad for him when he shared his experience with me, but learned a good lesson from the story. My perceptions and understanding of life has completely changed, my mind and soul edified.

“He began to teach me basic Bible lessons and witnessed the good things God did in his life, introduced me to the radio ministry, and then requested a radio for me.

“One may not believe the tremendous changes that happened in my life. The radio I got through my prison mate became my intimate friend. The Bible lessons are instilling new life, new thinking; and a new attitude in my life. I became a new creature in the Lord Jesus Christ. It does not matter where I am and how long I may stay here in the prison, what matters is the life I have now. I am praising the mighty Lord God for all the miracles He has done in my life.”

(The picture above was taken by A. Davey)

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