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The Gospel is Going Where We Cannot

Getting MircosdCard

Fund-raising is, to say the least, not fun.  Some days I can’t help but think there has to be a better way to do this.  And then there are days that are so encouraging I forget all of the discouragement.  Recently, we had two such days.

In July we had the opportunity to share at a friend’s church.  After our presentation, the Pastor came up and said, “There is a man in our church you have to meet. He became a Christian through a ministry like yours.”  Upon meeting him and his family we learned they were living in the Middle East.  Working a night shift, the father had found some radio programs on the internet. The programs preached the gospel of Jesus led this man to Christ.  Later, he introduced his entire family to Jesus.

Though the story sounds a lot like the other stories that we tell it was a little different for me. Actually meeting a family impacted by God through media and hear their story meant so much. It wasn’t just something that I read; it was four people that I met in the flesh. It was an honor to meet them and hear what God has done in their lives.

The second story comes from some friends who are also missionaries.

Recently, they were spreading the gospel in remote villages in the Himalayas.  They quickly ran out of Bibles, however, they had audio Bibles on a MicroSD card.  These little data cards were a life-savers, allowing them to leave people with a way to grow in their faith.  We immediately recognized the technology since TWR puts the Bible on these MircoSD cards.  It was wonderful to hear that our media is going into places that many will never have the chance to visit.  Hearing that even the obscure places in the world were being reached by the gospel through other missionaries using the media we produce encouraged me.


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September 2013 Prayer Letter

First Baptist Church of Durango

First Baptist Church of Durango where we made some new connections

Download the PDF Version

“Holy Toledo!  It has been a fast and busy summer!”  Elyse said as we sat down brainstorming for this letter.  We spent three weeks in Durango, Colorado, drove over a thousand miles in the Dallas area and spent a week meeting people in Nebraska.  That’s not to mention two vehicle breakdowns and the purchase of a new one.

God provided for us this summer after a bit of a slow down in May.  We’d been struggling to get new contacts and figuring out the next step in our fundraising.  Suddenly an opportunity came for us to volunteer with Cross Bar X Youth Ranch in Durango.  Along with the privilege of serving with the staff, we spoke at a couple of churches there, increasing our contact base.

Elyse doing dishes at Cross Bar X

Elyse doing dishes at Cross Bar X

About two days after we got back from Durango we took off for a fundraising trip to Dallas.  We saw one of Ryan’s cousins get married and then drove all over Dallas meeting friends and supporters.  Even though a lot of our plans fell through, God came in at the last minute and provided some unexpected ones.

When we landed back in Colorado Springs, we’d planned on having a low-key ten days to rest for another trip to Nebraska.  However, we found ourselves searching for a new car.  On the way to Durango the radiator to our pick-up died.  Thanks to the generous people at Cross Bar X that was fixed free of charge, but soon the transmission died.  We decided that it would be best to purchase a used vehicle rather than spend that money on our old truck.  After a frantic ten-day search, we finally found one.

Lastly Ryan’s father invited us to speak at his new church in Nebraska.  We had a wonderful time with family and met a lot new people that expressed an excitement for the ministry of TWR.

We’ve given you  the short version of our summer since we can’t fit it all in this letter.  If you’d like to hear a little bit more, read our posts called “What Kid Doesn’t Want a Water Trampoline” and “God Provides.”

What About this Producer’s Tool?

If you’ve been keeping track of our prayer letters you might have noticed that one project we keep mentioning is the “Producer’s Tool.”  This is a new software tool to help organize producers and get their content onto our new on-line platform called LinguaDMS.

Despite Ryan’s best efforts, the tool hasn’t reached its full potential.  Even though a few producers in Africa are using it, the desire is to make the tool usable for all TWR partners around the world.  Since returning to the US in May of 2012, Ryan hasn’t been able  to put forth a full time effort into making the necessary updates to the Producer’s Tool.

Ryan took a trip in early August to explore handing over the project for two reasons.  One it that it will be handled by a team of developers.  The second is that it will allow us to focus more on fundraising.  Once the project is done and we are back in Africa, Ryan will take over maintaining the code.

Thanks for reading our blog.  If you have a little time, take a look at an encouraging letter we received.  It’s printed in the post “A Radio Encourages.”

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