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The Seals: An Unexpected Journey

In the middle of September, Ryan and I were told from a dear friend that God was going to send us support from unexpected places. I thought, “Ok, I’ll look out for that.” Silly me. I wasn’t looking for unexpected opportunities when I got a call from my Aunt saying that my Papa (grandfather) was being placed in hospice. She asked if I could come to care for him. He only has 4-8 weeks to live. Immediately I stated looking for flights out to Warren, PA.

The first week, my grandparents’ pastor came to visit with us. Their church recently started supporting us. I asked in passing if he knew any other churches or people who might want to hear from us. He immediately said, “Do you want to meet all the other Methodist pastors in the area?” Umm… Yes!!

After meeting with us, many of  the pastors invited us to come to their churches and speak. During this entire trip, we will speak at 5 churches, 3 Sunday school classes, and 2 Bible studies. We have had countless opportunities to share our vision and love for TWR with people. We have been so blessed to have our enthusiasm for the gospel to go out to all nations shared with the people in this area.

Then, unexpectedly, my Papa started gaining weight, eating better without nausea that plagued him for so long, walking without a walker, sleeping better, and doing things for himself.  We were all flabbergasted when hospice told us that Papa was too healthy to remain in the program.  I was excited and nervous.  Papa was feeling better but how were we to care for him?  There were so many detail and questions.  In the weeks that have followed, we made the less than smooth transition from hospice to home health, from expecting rapid decline in Papa’s health to asking “ what should we do for his health?”  I have been so encouraged by friends and family coming and offering anything they could do for us.  We  found out yesterday that Papa is not getting better.  He is simply declining slower than the doctors predicted.  Please pray for my mum’s side of the family through this difficult time..

Thank you God for this unexpected detour to Pennsylvania.  It has been a blessing to spend about a month with my Nana and Papa.  It has been an equal blessing to meet so many people who are so excited about what God is doing in the nations through TWR.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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