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December 2013 Prayer Letter

We had a chance to see Niagara Falls on our way back to Colorado

We had a chance to see Niagara Falls on our way back to Colorado

 In July, Ryan received an email invitation to join several personnel from TWR and their partners around the world in South Dakota in September.  The gathering was a time of exploration in the area of leadership development in media ministry.   We spent a week getting to know each other and learning about new media, trends of media around the world and leadership principles.  The heart of our president, Lauren Libby, is to invest in the lives of young men and women involved in radio and media ministry.  There are plans for more gatherings to keep building up this group of people.

October introduced an unexpected twist to our lives.  Elyse received a call about her grandfather’s (Papa) health. The doctors found cancer in Papa that came on top of his already failing kidneys. With that, the family decided to check him into hospice and asked Elyse to come and help care for Papa.  Elyse agreed and quickly found a flight to Warren, Pennsylvania.  It has been a difficult road for her family but we all appreciate Elyse being able to help.  If you want to know more, you can read  Elyse’s blog post called “The Seals: The Unexpected Journey“.


Ryan and South African friends at the gathering

Our fundraising efforts had been a little slow in Colorado, so when Elyse arrived in Pennsylvania she took the opportunity to contact a pastor we are connected with in the area.  We hoped to get exposure to a few new people and churches.  We were blown away when we received invites to speak at four different churches in northeast Pennsylvania.  What we thought would be a two-week fundraising trip for Ryan turned into a four-week trip.

God continues to provide new opportunities for us.  Thank you for all your prayers and please keep praying for the rest of the support to come in.

TWR in the Philippines

On November 8th the news flooded with stories of the Typhoon hitting the Philippines. Among the affected were some of TWR’s personnel in sites that transmit to the Philippines and to Vietnam.
Fortunately, all staff members are safe. Soon, they will return to a very difficult situation. Many are heartbroken to see what is happening to their countries and people. The Typhoon caused power outages, preventing TWR from broadcasting and allowing the victims to find correct information about relief efforts.

The staff at TWR Philippines covet your prayers as they search for ways to continue ministering to people. Whether or not there is power for radio, there is important information these people need to hear. Maybe news that relief is coming their way or the simple message of Jesus can give these people hope. As you pray for the victims, please also pray for TWR’s staff – for wisdom as they seek to minister to their hurting people.

Thanks for reading.  If you have time, check out an incredibly good listenter story:  The Praying Listener

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The Praying Listener


The following are excerpts from an on-line article at

We had heard about him from his pastor, and his mother had requested that if Pastor James was ever in the central province of Kenya, he could visit them, as her son was a regular listener. His name is Kamau. He is probably in his thirties, crippled in both legs and walks on all fours.

When he was told that the TTB producer had come to visit him,he jerked uncontrollably with joy, clapping his hands vigorously and shouting, “Praise the Lord!Glory be to God! Praise the Lord!” for about five minutes. Words cannot adequately describe the joy when they were introduced. Kamau could hardly believe that his beloved Bible teacher was right here in his home. He could touch him and see him.

Kamau could give account after account of various episodes of the programme. He could retell the illustrations that the pastor gave on air. Because of his disability, he is unable to go to church and the TTB programmes, he says, is his church. He may not be able to kneel down to pray but it amazed us that he spends 15 minutes in prayer before each broadcast, praying for the producer and for those who would be listening. He also prays for another 15 minutes after each broadcast.

“I do not see him the way that you see him,”says his mother, referring to Kamau’s disability.“I see a servant of God, a prayer warrior.”

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