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TWR Global Quest

This month, TWR-US (Trans World Radio) invites you on a 22-day adventure in the Great Commission: our new online game, TWR Global Quest.
Have Fun; Be Inspired!
From September 9-30, daily questions will unfold the story of how God has used people like you to reach every corner of the world with His Word over the past 60 years – and share inspiring stories of lives being changed today. We’ll also test your Bible knowledge and offer special bonus activities.

Invite Your Friends!
TWR Global Quest is easy and fun to share with friends and family. Your personalized leaderboard lets you see how you’re doing against the global community and your own friends.

Compete for Prizes!
Each question, bonus activity, or friend who joins earns you points toward great weekly prizes and the Grand Prize of up to $5,000 USD toward a trip for two to experience the sights, sounds, and people at one of three fascinating destinations – Bonaire, Guam, or Swaziland, launching pads for TWR’s daily gospel outreach to millions!

Sign up now (, or at any time during the game. Please join us on this rewarding adventure into what God is doing through you around the world!

Both of us have been playing. Catch up to us!

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Settling In

We have been in South Africa for a month! How the time has flown.

We took two overnight flights: one from Denver to London, the other from London to Johannesburg. We even got to go out into London for a few hours before we had to rush back to the airport. We got to see Big Ben and the London Eye.

All six bags made it with us. Praise God! Our first week here was dedicated to unpacking, rediscovering what Ryan had in South Africa, shopping, and orienting to life in South Africa. Orienting to life in South Africa is getting used to driving on the other side of the road. You must also watch out for pedestrians who will walk right out in front of you. You must also watch out for taxis that cross 4 lanes of traffic at rush hour because the driver sees someone who they want to pick up. It is also remembering to turn the house alarm on before you leave and off before you come in the house. I think I have tripped the alarm 5 times in the last two weeks. I think the security company is getting tired of calling me to make sure I’m ok. I have also realized the difference between the terms “just now” and “now- now”. My friend told me that “just now” could mean anything from in a minute to next month. “Now- now” is quicker than that but not always now. We learned that the word “crap” is a vulgar word. South Africa Wins Again or SAWA is how we define the funny cultural moments. I will be filling you in on those SAWA moments every month as they happen.

Ryan jumped right back into work. He spent his first few days at work setting up his equipment and then started to plug and chug on his newest program. Most of his work involves LinguaDMS, though he is getting involved in a project to create a global system for our transmitter computers.

I told many of you that my first week here we would be figuring out my job description however, my boss left the day before I arrived at work and won’t be back  until the 29th.  So far, my time at the office has been “unofficial”. The Health, Children, and Youth department only has one other person in it. She was very thankful to have me join her. My first assignment is writing some programs about Ebola. West Africa has been ravaged by Ebola especially in the last few weeks. The numbers of the new cases and the dying are rising with no end in sight. TWR is writing and producing health warnings to get out to the countries that are affected and the countries worried that they will be next to go on the expanding list of countries that are affected by Ebola. We are teaching prevention, mourning with those who have lost loved one, dispelling myths, and empowering people to care for themselves and others.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for our settling in process. Our house is all set up, however, we are still getting used to a new culture, new jobs, new friends, new skills, and a new way of life. I especially have been feeling homesick.

Pray for the countries affected by Ebola: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, and Senegal. Pray that this outbreak can be stopped quickly. Pray for the physical and emotional health as people are watching family members and friends die by the hundreds.

Thank you for praying

Ryan and Elyse


Elyse crocheting a TARDIS blanket from the popular BBC show Dr. Who in the living room.

Ryan working hard at his desk.  Our apartment came fully furnished except for this desk.

Ryan working hard at his desk. Our apartment came fully furnished except for this desk.

We have a washing machine but everything dries on the clothes-line

We have a washing machine but everything dries on the clothes-line



Ryan making brekkers in our kitchen/dining room



Elyse sleeps while Ryan works 🙂


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