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Pray for TWR in Africa

Many of you might have seen pictures of violence against foreigners here in South Africa. People have had their small businesses looted and burned. People have been driven from their homes, beaten, and even killed by their neighbors.  Public demonstrations have been happening sporadically since 2008. South Africans are blaming the foreigners of taking jobs away from them. Even government officials have said, “the foreigners should go home”. Many people have been concerned for our safety since we are foreigners here. The xenophobia should actually be characterized more as “Afrophobia” as most of the people who are bring affected are other Africans who have immigrated legally or illegally to South Africa. Many of these people are from Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The riots have died down. Various humanitarian initiatives have been started to address the health, housing, transport and other needs of victims of the recent attacks in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. Please pray for peace in South Africa. There is still a lot of fear and bad feelings surrounding the latest outbreak of violence.

South Africa Map

Guateng is the small cream province and Kwazulu- Natal is the orange province on the east coast.

Violence has also broken out in the country of Burundi. Their constitution says that the president is elected DIRECTLY by the population on the principle of “one man, one vote” for a five year term and renewable only once through the same process. The Arusha accord says that no one can serve for more than 10 years (two terms as president). Technically, the current president has been in power for almost the last 10 years, though for the first 5 years (or first term) he was elected by the parliament (not directly by the people) and his party sees that, legally, the current president has served for only o ne term because he was elected Directly once (in 2010) by the population and wants to push forward for his candidacy for the coming presidential election in June.

The Constitutional court validated the incumbent president to run for another term. The rulings of the constitutional court are final and cannot be appealed against. The opposition was not satisfied with this ruling and announced that they will maintain the demonstrations that have been going on since April 25th. The demonstrations started peacefully but  have turned violent as police have defended themselves against the protestors. People who are associated with the ruling party are being targeted for house burnings and attacks. Our TWR team in Burundi fear that these political protests may turn into selective killings on ethnic grounds which happened during Burundi’s 12 year civil war. Please pray for the safety of our team in Burundi and peace in this country.

Trans World Radio Burundi

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