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June 2015 Newsletter

The highest rates of infant mortality happen here in Africa. A baby is 500 times more likely to die on the first day of their life than when they are a month old. Half the women in Africa give birth without any skilled birth attendant to help them. This breaks our hearts, yet motivates us to action.


Elephants that Elyse and Joelle saw during Joelle’s time here

Elyse is spearheading a new “Healthy Life Series” broadcast. She’ll be writing scripts that teach mothers about birth and how to care for a newborn. The project is just starting, but its one Elyse can’t wait to start broadcasting.

In March, the TWR house next to us opened up as we said goodbye to our good friends. We’ve been preparing one of the rooms for our baby who is due in July. Soon after that one of Elyse’s best friends, Joelle came to visit. They had a blast together! We got to introduce Joelle to South African culture and made sure she ate as much of the local food as possible.

We had the strangest baby shower I have ever heard of. The only person who wasn’t there was the mommy to be! Our conclusion: Skype doesn’t do well in baby showers. Elyse still had a great time talking to everyone even through she couldn’t be there. Thank you to all who were able to come to the baby shower Elyse’s mom and sisters held for her. We feel so blessed by your support and love.


The cake Beth (Elyes’s mom) made for the remote Baby shower

JWAY continues to be a joy. Around Easter we were able to have a Passover Seder with the kids. This term Elyse’s group is studying about prayer. I was so encouraged when we put this into practice the other night. We had two in our group moving to different countries for missions and schooling. The kids gathered around, laid hands on them, and prayed for them. It was a special night.

TWR Emergence in Africa

At the end of March, Ryan went to another Emerging Leaders Conference. This time it was here in Johannesburg. The group has started to become more of a community. Many of us have begun interacting more in our work instead of just at the conferences. Almost everyone there changed their position since the last time we met. The connections and relationships being built are invaluable.2015_06_emlc

The time I (Ryan) spent there this year I felt was the most beneficial of the three so far. The material hit closer to home than before. Thank you all for who have been praying for me as I participate in these gatherings.

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Your Skills Are Needed in Missions

Impending retirements, reassignments and TWR’s global outreach expansion are driving a demand for more laborers in the harvest fields.  Therefore, TWR is looking for people who are administratively, artistically & technically minded to serve as missionaries so people in places like Afghanistan, Cuba and North Korea can continue to hear the gospel.  Specifically, we are in need of antenna riggers, accountants, station and business managers, graphic designers, recruiters, engineers, technicians and so much more.  Please see our newly updated Web page ( for specific job listings,  an extensive list of FAQs and an Opportunities page with filters for personalizing the search process. There is a wide range of service categories available, including internships, short term (three to twelve months) midterm (two to three years) and career.  If you can’t help, maybe you know someone who can! Please pass the word !

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