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Jesus Loves You

Here is a video that our Visual Media Dept. pit out a few weeks ago. Please share it with others. It is called Jesus Loves You.

Get TWR 360 online or on your phone and be encouraged by the different radio programs.


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Our Newest Team Member

Welcome to the world Aryanna Beth Seal. We have been waiting for a while for you. Ary is six weeks old. On June 20th at 1:30am, my water broke. I was a little concerned because the fluid was discolored. 10 minutes later, we were driving to the hospital. The nurse put me on a monitor. When we heard the heart beat , the nurse said, ” oh that’s a relief. I wasn’t sure we would hear a heart beat.” I thought, ” what do you mean?!” The doctor came in after an hour of monitoring and said that the baby was going into distress and so we would have to do a c-section. This was my worst nightmare. I had prepared myself for a lot of things but a c-section wasn’t one of them. However, an hour later Ryan was holding our little girl in front of my face. She came out happy and healthy. Our silly girl liked to do flips in the womb and got the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.


Life since June 20th has been wonderful and hard. Aryanna has dictated our schedule since then which is why the announcement is finally coming now. I actually have been writing this update for 2 weeks. My mum and sister came out to South Africa for 5 weeks. They were an absolute blessing to Ryan and myself especially when Ryan got bronchitis and I struggled with breast feeding all 5 weeks.


Thank you so much to everyone who sent us money or gave us a gift or even sent an encouraging message. You have blessed us so much.

Aryanna mean gift from God and she definitely is that. She is 4.02kg or 8lbs 13 oz. At the moment, she has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is a very peaceful baby and smiles at us often. She loves to be cuddled. We have such a special little girlIMG_2665.

I get 3 months of maternity leave. I am still trying to decide whether I should stop working, work from home, or find someone to watch Aryanna during the day. Please pray that we would make the best decision for our family.

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