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September 2016 Newsletter

Four Generations of Elyse's Family

Four Generations of Elyse’s Family

A trip to the zoo with the family, swing dancing in a local coffee shop, and a big family reunion picnic to celebrate Ary’s birthday were just a few of the memories we made while we were in the USA. The month was a whirlwind. Ary traveled like a champ. She slept 10 of the 15 hours in the air – It takes a lot of energy to be spoiled by family!

We tried to see as many people as possible. In Colorado, we had a blast visiting with someone every night. While in Nebraska, we got to relax a little. Grandma and Grandpa watched Ary while we went to see the first 4th of July fireworks show we’d seen in two years. In New York, we had a day where both sides of Elyse’s family got together. Ary had three birthday parties and enjoyed a little bit of cake at each one. Even though our time was incredibly busy, family and old friends were a breath of fresh air.

We went from a New York summer to South African winter. Returning was a real shock to our systems. We got over jetlag slowly but now we are back to regular life. Elyse continues to write scripts for the pregnancy program during Ary’s nap times. She jumped right back into teaching JWAY on Friday nights. This term the grade 6 and 7 kids are talking about emotions – good one and challenging ones.

Now that is how to eat a birthday cake!

Now that is how to eat a birthday cake!

Ary no longer walks around, she runs which means she falls more too. Ary’s favorite things to do include playing in the dirt, throwing leaves at mama, and reading books. She loves animals and tries to make the sounds. She also tries to talk too. Her best phrases are, “all done” when she finishes a meal, “dada” and “hi kitty”.

Ryan’s work

The past month for Ryan has been more involved in helping our various partners. He’s been working with a colleague in the US to make sure a new version of the Producer’s Tool is read for our partners. We also had a long meeting with our “Area Ministry Directors” (I.e the leaders who are in charge of various areas in Africa) to see how we can help them improve their ministry from a technical perspective. It’s been good to take a step back from the big picture of LinguaDMS and managing our media files and focus more on the individuals that make the programs that run the ministry. Please pray our last year before furlough will be fruitful for Ryan’s attempt to help our ministry partners.

Thank you again for reading and praying for us. We hope you are encouraged by the listener story we posted here:

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Listener Encouraged by Abstinence Teachings

“Thank you for your programme on abstinence. I am encouraged by the actions of your guests and the advice helped me to solve a problem with my sexual partner who did not want to listen to me. I told him simply to legalize our relationship so that we no longer talk about abstinence and he said he is not ready for a serious relationship. This is where our paths diverged. I am calm and happy today to live my life as I heard on your programme. I practice abstinence. Thanks to TWR.”

~from a listener in Cote d’Ivoire~

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