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2016 December Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! We celebrated Thanksgiving a little early with our South African family. We had 19 people in our living room and everyone brought something. It was a wonderful time for us to give thanks for everything God has given us especially the special people here who support us and share their lives with us.

Thanksgiving in South Africa

Thanksgiving in South Africa

Many of you know but the most important news we have in this letter is another baby Seal! That’s right. Aryanna has been promoted to big sister. Baby Seal or Munchkin is due to arrive in March. We are very excited to welcome our second child into the world. Munchkin is doing very well and growing fast. This pregnancy has been more taxing on Elyse with morning sickness, mood swings, and fatigue. However, she has had no problems with fainting and low blood pressure.

Ryan has been working hard at reworking the Producer’s Tool. The lead developer for the Producer’s Tool left the Agroup and the technology it was built on is no longer supported. Therefore Ryan has been getting the software upgraded to a better base technology in order to make the app more stable. The new version is currently in testing phase and should be used for real work sometime early next year.

Side View of Munchkin at 20 weeks

Side View of Munchkin at 20 weeks

There have been some bumps and stalls in the pregnancy program in West Africa but Elyse was finally able to communicate with them in November and has continued writing. Instead of this program only being aired in Nigeria, it is now going to be played in more countries around West Africa like the Ivory Coast and Benin in French and English. With her second pregnancy being so different from the first, she has even more experience in what she is writing to these women.



Plans for the New Year

Our three years in South Africa are up in July 2017. We will be returning to the United States. Our visas expire on July 31st, however we are not sure if we will renew our visas or not. We’ve been thinking and praying this year about whether or not to stay on as missionaries with TWR. We do not take this decision lightly and we ask you to please pray with us as we consider the next step for our family. Whatever the choice we hope to honor God and to continue to serve Him where we are.

Thanks for Reading and for your support.  Please take time to read a listener letter from West Africa.

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Listener Letter From West Africa

I had been going to church for a long time, but always kept my fetish or talisman, because I was afraid of death. After listening to your show, I understood that the fetish is only a human invention and a lie, so I abandoned it; now I truly believe in Jesus Christ. Today I feel quite free. I know that Jesus protects me now and that nothing can happen to me if Jesus authorizes. Glory be to God!

~ A listener from West Africa

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