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March 2017 Newsletter

Daddy and Ary Swinging in the park

After much discussion and prayer we have decided to stay on another term with TWR here in South Africa. However, we will be heading to the USA in the last week of July for furlough. We will be heading to North Carolina first for some meetings. Then we will be travelling around to see as many of you as possible. The details are still in the making but we will be contacting you about when we are in your area.

Ryan has released version 2 of the Producer’s Tool and is working hard on the TWR Africa iOS app for you crazy MAC users. Elyse is on maternity leave because she doesn’t have the energy anymore to work and care for Ary. We don’t have a lot of news this month so we want to introduce Mike and Wendy Lambert to you.

The Lambert Family

One of the things TWR is always in need of is quality engineers. Mike Lambert has been looking to serve TWR in this capacity for a long time now. They started fund raising before we did and are still struggling to get full monthly support. We had a chance to meet the Lambert’s and their three boys recently as they travelled to Swaziland to see where their future assignment will be. They want to get out there and serve God. Both coming from non-Christian families has made fund-raising more difficult for them. Our heart went out to them. We remember how difficult it was to fund-raise even though we have our families, friends, and home church fully behind us. They are so close at 75% of their monthly support. Elyse and I want to take the time to ask you to pray for them but also consider supporting them. We are currently fully supported so if any of you were considering increasing your support to us or beginning to support us, we would ask you to consider pledging those funds to the Lambert’s instead. You can find out how to contact Mike and Wendy by going to

Seal Baby 2.0

Aryanna, ready to show Munchkin “how its done”

On March 15th, Owen Enoch Seal was born.  He came out a whopping 8 pounds 6 ounces.  Elyse had to have an emergency cesarean section as her uterus almost burst at the place of the scar from Aryanna’s birth.  We praise the Lord Elyse and Owen made it out healthy.  We will post pictures and more details later.


As always – There is an interesting listener story that you should take the time to read:

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