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June 2020 Prayer Letter

I wish this letter had more solid details of our future. However, like many of you, our lives are up in the air right now. We are in a time of waiting.

These last few months Ryan has been finishing up projects and preparing to hand them off. He has been applying for jobs and having interviews. However, immigration is still shut down completely so we cannot get new visas yet. The situation in South Africa is uncertain. In September, our current visas run out; so we have a short-term plan for June and July. In August, Immigration is supposed to re-open, however that is not definite. We will re-evaluate our situation in August to see where God is leading us. Our desire is to stay in South Africa. We have most of our paperwork together. We are just waiting and trusting God. In the interim, Ryan is allowed to do freelance work for American companies. God has also blessed us recently so we should not be in need from June to September. God keeps proving to us day by day that he is going to take care of us in these uncertain times. He is our surety, not money.

A trunk full of groceries thanks to generous donations!

Since Lockdown hit on March 27th, Elyse has been helping out the community by buying food for people in need. She usually buys food for 5-6 families every week. She also donates to a friend’s charity who is feeding around 300 people a day. Another one of Elyse’s friends has connections to hear of people’s needs. Elyse has been collecting baby clothes, baby supplies, food, and other necessities from people to give to the poor. Elyse and Ryan have both driven people to and from the hospital as needed. Don’t worry. We are being sanitary and safe.

Ary and Owen’s Corner

Aryanna and Owen ready for our morning walks.

Ary and Owen are adapting to being at home all the time. Since May 1st we have been allowed to go on morning walks. That has helped their cabin fever. Ary and Owen are both doing well in home-school. Ary’s teacher tries to send two videos a week however she has a lot of technical issues so Mommy has been coming up with a lot of school ideas. Ary likes wearing a mask but Owen does not so when we go out he has a face shield.

Stay in touch!

Thank you for being part of our team these last 11 years. We appreciate your prayers, support, and encouragement. We keep getting asked, “what if I still want to support you?” Donations to TWR will no longer reach us. It will go to general TWR funds. We are not in need so if you do want to keep supporting us, we will use that money to help people in our community struggling to make ends meet because of COVID-19. Please message us privately if you want to do this.

We will not be sending out any more physical newsletters but we will continue to write in the blog and send out e-mail updates.

It has been an adventurous 11 years. Thank you for sticking with us and for your commitment to Kingdom work. We have appreciated your prayers, support, and encouragement.

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