June 2014 Newsletter

Elyse and I with our family in Florida

Elyse and I with our family in Florida

Sitting in an airport, sleep deprived and coming down with colds, we opened an e-mail. “…you are at 100% of your required support!” we read. We couldn’t believe it! Though we haven’t reached the required support for a family TWR decided what we had raised will be sufficient for us as a couple and one child if one comes along in the next three years. We’re ecstatic to share this news, but we had one more goal to reach: our Equipment Fund (EF) or “outgoing expenses.” In February TWR reviewed the amount in our EF and determined that we needed to raise an additional $10,000.  The response from all of you has been wonderful.  Because of your generosity we’ve reached our EF goal and are ready to head out to South Africa!

We know want to stress that we will are not technically at 100% of our required funding. Again, TWR is eager to see us on the field so they’ve let us go at a lower rate that we can live on for the first few years. Our personal goal is to still raise the full family rate. In time we’ll need our support to increase, so we’d welcome the pledges. In several years new pledges will be critical for our staying on the field. Please keep praying for our support to increase as we prepare to leave and werve with TWR.

We’re almost there, and want to thank all who’ve been praying for and supporting us. Please keep praying for Visas to come through and for the move to go well.

Emerging Media Leaders

Last year I (Ryan) was invited to be part of a group of “Emerging Media Leaders.” Though many in the group work with TWR, the idea was for the group to be comprised of men and women from around the world who are involved in Christian media, regardless of organization or nationality. Last September we met for the first time and enjoyed getting to know each other as well as learning from one another. We discussed a lot ideas about leadership, calling and new ideas for ministry through media.

In June I travelled to Germany for a week to attend our second meeting. It’s been a great experience to learn from the other men and women in this group and I appreciate your prayers through this time. Our topics centred around accountability, integrity of character and strategic thinking in ministry.  Please keep praying that the things taught will take root in my heart and become fruitful as I learn to apply them in ministry.

We’d love it if you’d click this link to read about a changed life from TWR: Finding New Life – A Story of Hope from Zimbabwe


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