Letter From Mark Blosser

In and attempt to avoid plagiarism, I have to give credit to this post to Mr. Mark Blosser – one of our lead staff in Swaziland. His personality, kindness and hospitality played a large role in my decision to stay on with TWR full time. Once again he’s shown me kindness and written a letter explaining why Trans World Radio needs me. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to read his kind words.

In Christ,

Dear friends of Ryan Seal,

This letter is to inform you and ask you for your help and support in regard to Ryan. Ryan has come to work in Africa for Trans World Radio twice: once in Swaziland and then the second time in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ryan’s expertise has been in computer programming. In this area he has done extremely well and we are pleading for him to come back as soon as possible, as we are very short staffed in this area.

Our need for Ryan to arrive in South Africa is huge, to the point where we are afraid we will have problems with burnout in other staff members if Ryan does not come and help us soon! A large part of our work is done with computers, all the way from finances to playing out of our programs over the air. Trans World Radio relies on technical people to keep operating and sending the Good News of Jesus to literally thousands of people. Our radio broadcasts reach more people than the Apostle Paul was ever able to speak to in his life time. This is one reason I’m so excited about what Trans World Radio is doing around the world.

Trans World Radio is a faith-based mission, broadcasting in over 72 languages in Africa, with technical missionaries who are supported by churches, friends and relatives. This letter is a request to you to lend a hand in whatever way you can to help Ryan raise his support needs. “How can I possibly help?” might be your first question. There are two ways:

The first is the most obvious and direct way. And that is to become a member of Ryan’s support team by supporting him both financially and in prayer. I have been involved in this work for 29 years and I’ve found that the Lord uses the most unlikely people. People whom I expect will help don’t, and those whom I least expect often do. And I find that many times the Lord uses the principle of the widow’s mite to answer needs. I’ve also been amazed at how the Lord builds bonds between my supporters and me. So if you become involved, be ready for some surprises! Just give Ryan a call and ask for details if you want to do this.

Secondly, you could help by becoming an advocate for Ryan. This is often the most valuable way, but the least obvious. Your efforts can be multiplied as his needs have the potential of being met by a larger number of friends or churches. To do this, all you need to do is introduce him or recommend him to friends or churches and let them know that Ryan needs financial support. It could be as simple as inviting a friend or a number of friends over to meet Ryan when he is in your area in the near future. Or it could be that you know a pastor or person in another church who would be interested in knowing more about the work of Trans World Radio. Bottom line is: it is much more natural for a friend like you to recommend him, than for Ryan to try to do this himself. Without advocates like you, the job of finding his support team can be very discouraging and time consuming.

Again…Ryan is needed in Africa now! If you have ever asked, “What can I do that will make eternal benefits in God’s kingdom?” all you need to do is activate one or both of the above suggestions. The eternal effects will probably never be realized until we join our Lord in heaven. You see, the radio waves reach into far-flung corners where missionaries would never think of going!

May the Lord give you wisdom as you contemplate how you can be used to bring people into the Kingdom of God.

In the Kingdom Work with you,

      J. Mark Blosser
      Human Resources & Station Director
      Trans World Radio – Swaziland

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