March 2020 Newsletter

Celebrating Christmas at the Festival of Lights.

Christmas was a little different this year. Ryan was on-call for the technical team over Christmas so, instead of taking a long vacation we took the weekends in December to go on small trips around the Johannesburg area and spend time together as a family. On Christmas day we swam with friends and had a braai. Just one of the perks of having Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere.

New Year’s was fun as we continued our tradition of having a board games party. We also had a huge scare in January. Ryan had a bad reaction to a new brand of deodorant that was complicated by a virus. This took two emergency room visits and eventually two weeks to clear up.

After a lot of prayer and discussion, we felt it is time for us to step down from the ministry from TWR and pursue serving God in other avenues. So, Ryan is preparing his projects to pass on to someone else. We know this is huge news and there are a lot of questions. Here are a few of the basics:

Why are you leaving TWR?
During making plans for furlough we realized our reason for returning was to stay in South Africa. The ministry of TWR was not on our hearts anymore, and we felt a clear leading from God that our time with TWR was done. The vision of TWR is still something we believe in, but God is clearly leading our hearts to something new.

What will you be doing next?
We love South Africa. Ryan is eligible for a critical skills visa so he is going to pursue working in Johannesburg doing Software Development. If Ryan is unable to acquire a job offer before the end of May then we will be returning to Colorado Springs to be closer to our families.

When should I stop sending money for you?
The end of June. Our last day is May 29th, but TWR pays missionaries an extra month of salary since we are required to give three months notice. This gives us a little bit of a cushion time to find work. Please consider taking your contributions and giving them to another missionary. We appreciate your giving for Kingdom work and hope you will keep sending that money to support God’s work. If you do not know who to support next, please pray and consider supporting Tyler and Amy Mullis. They are good friends of ours doing good work within TWR and your support would be greatly appreciated. If you have more questions, send us an email and we’d be happy to answer them.

Ary and Owen’s Corner

Ary ready for the first day of school.

In January Aryanna started going part time (three days a week) to preschool. She absolutely loves it! She is doing P.E., Music classes and Computer classes. We are also happy that she is able to get more social interaction with her peers.

Owen ready for an imaginary dive!

Owen is much more talkative now that Ary is in school and he can get a word in edgewise. We are starting to see his imagination and creativity. He is very active but he also loves reading books.

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