May 2009 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

       It’s hard to believe that I’ve been back in the U.S. for nearly ten months. Time is going by quickly and it has been good to be close to and spend time with many of you. On the other hand, it seems that returning to South Africa cannot come quickly enough. My heart longs to again be working with Trans World Radio in Johannesburg. As more time goes by, I’m more and more excited about what can be done with mass media. All kinds of programs and shows are consumed daily and hourly by our world and so much of it contains nothing about Christ. Radio, TV and the Internet are powerful tools ready to tell Jesus’ story. That idea excites me and makes me eager to work again with TWR.

Along with my work, I miss the many friends I made and the youth ministries of which I was a part. Every letter and e-mail from them puts a smile on my face. I miss talking to the high-schoolers and seeing the younger kids at AWANA. Being a part of their lives was truly a blessing.

In the meantime, I’m working for MITRE, who generously offered me a job as long as I am here in the U.S. Aside from work, I’m busy with fund-raising activities. I am at about 33% of my monthly support, and also at 43% of my equipment fund support. I’m grateful for those of you who are supporting me now. Please continue to pray for the funds to come in. My goal is for 100% of my support to be in by August.

If you have not already, please take some time to ask for a purple commitment card. These cards are how I keep track of people who want to be included on my prayer letter list and who want to support me. You can e-mail me at for more information.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and read what I have to say.
Until Next time, keep well.

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