Small Beginnings

Tamryn, Elyse, Francis

The more I hear about ministries, the more I see that most big organizations started with people obeying God. That is how we started. When the COVID-19 Lockdown hit South Africa, people started to starve. My friends Tamryn Wells, Francis Dos Santos, and I knew we needed to do something. We knew people were starving, but we didn’t know who needed help. I don’t know if I have ever said this or ever will again but Thank God for Facebook! People started posting for help on our community group. We started with cooking and delivering meals every weekday. We also did some small food parcels for some and bigger food parcels for others who didn’t get cooked meals every day.

Cooked meals for the families.

 At any given time, we are helping about 30 people. There are a few regular families that we support with food and clothes as they try to rebuild from Lockdown. We also have people who pass through our help. Maybe they only need help for a month until they find a job.

Challenges emerged, and we were forced to be adaptable. In July, we had a COVID scare. All three of us were exposed to someone who had COVID-19. So we semi-quarantined. None of us got COVID-19 by the way. We lost our cook because she went back to work. So, we moved to more food parcels over cooked meals. Throughout Lockdown, people were extremely generous, giving what they could. Tamryn’s father was driving all over, even to the farms, and coming home with a truck load of food. Grocery stores were donating their just expired stuff with us (which they are still doing). Individuals were sharing what they could even if it was just one thing. As time went on, people were giving less and less until we had nothing coming in. Fran, Tamryn, and I took a week to ask the Lord if this was it. Was this only supposed to be for a season or should we continue? If we were to continue, how would we do it?

The answer came to us. We joined Tamryn’s dad’s ministry Reaching and Teaching. We had been partnering with him throughout Lockdown, mutually sharing what we received to help the communities of Kempton Park and Primrose (another suburb in Johannesburg). Our church has partnered with Reaching and Teaching for years, helping with school supplies for the school that was started in a township called Sebokeng. Every year the ladies knit and crochet hat, scarves, and mittens for the kids at the school.

To support the community of Kempton Park, we need about $2000 a month. This includes necessities for the families (food, clothing that we can’t get donated, over the counter meds) and gas money for the deliveries. Occasionally, we help with a GP doctor visit as many of the people we help have medical problems. We have helped with transport to and from government hospitals as well.

Last week’s deliveries

If you would like to partner with us, we need monthly donations, but we would happily accept one-time donations as you are able as well. You can donate by going to and the go to the How Can I Help link. All donations go through Paypal. Unfortunately, to be tax-deductible, you cannot specify on the donation that it is for the Kempton Park outreach. Therefore, when you donate if you could send a message to me at or reach out to me via Facebook messenger and tell me:

  1. How much you are donating
  2. If it is a monthly gift or a one-time gift.
  3. When you gave

That will allow me to know how much we are receiving and organize it for our finance person at Reaching and Teaching.

In the weeks to come, I will be sharing the stories of our families as they allow. I will also be sharing updates and ways to pray for us and the families. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We can even set up a call. You can visit our Facebook page too at

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