The Gospel is Going Where We Cannot

Getting MircosdCard

Fund-raising is, to say the least, not fun.  Some days I can’t help but think there has to be a better way to do this.  And then there are days that are so encouraging I forget all of the discouragement.  Recently, we had two such days.

In July we had the opportunity to share at a friend’s church.  After our presentation, the Pastor came up and said, “There is a man in our church you have to meet. He became a Christian through a ministry like yours.”  Upon meeting him and his family we learned they were living in the Middle East.  Working a night shift, the father had found some radio programs on the internet. The programs preached the gospel of Jesus led this man to Christ.  Later, he introduced his entire family to Jesus.

Though the story sounds a lot like the other stories that we tell it was a little different for me. Actually meeting a family impacted by God through media and hear their story meant so much. It wasn’t just something that I read; it was four people that I met in the flesh. It was an honor to meet them and hear what God has done in their lives.

The second story comes from some friends who are also missionaries.

Recently, they were spreading the gospel in remote villages in the Himalayas.  They quickly ran out of Bibles, however, they had audio Bibles on a MicroSD card.  These little data cards were a life-savers, allowing them to leave people with a way to grow in their faith.  We immediately recognized the technology since TWR puts the Bible on these MircoSD cards.  It was wonderful to hear that our media is going into places that many will never have the chance to visit.  Hearing that even the obscure places in the world were being reached by the gospel through other missionaries using the media we produce encouraged me.


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