Trusting God

I hope your New Year has been a good one so far.

Ours has been a month filled with struggle. You see normally in our newsletters we try to fill you all in on the big picture of what is going on in our lives. We like to tell you the exciting things that are happening in our lives and in the ministry. However, that also makes it look like our lives are perfect and everything is going smoothly. But we all know that is not how life is. There are ups and downs. The month of January has definitely been a month of trusting God more.

I’ll start with the first week of January. I got a call for my OB that said he was no longer practicing and I needed to find a new doctor to give birth. Ok. Goodbye. No recommendations. No explanations. I was 30 weeks pregnant and had not seen an OB in 6 weeks because of the Christmas holiday. I sat at my dining room table in shock. How in the world was I going to find an OB here in Johannesburg who would help me to have a natural birth instead of just wanting to rip me open again? I don’t know what the practice is in the USA since I am having both my kids here in South Africa, but it is very difficult to find an OB who is willing to do a natural birth after a woman has had a C-section. I can’t validate which story is true; I just know I was left hanging with 10 weeks to go in my pregnancy with no one to deliver this baby except Ryan and possibly my mum. No one to check up on me to make sure I wasn’t developing any complications.

I sat down and cried. “God, why? What are you doing?”

After a good long cry to get it all out (I am pregnant), I heard God say, “I have something better.”

So I went to work. I asked for recommendations but this time I asked for midwives. I got a recommendation on a good hospital to give birth at who had a lot of midwives working there. I got a list of names and phone numbers. It felt like picking my husband based on how much I liked his name! How do pick someone from a list to help you with one of the most important times in your life? I told God that he would have to lead me to the right person. I started calling people. I called seven midwives and they all said that they don’t do VBAC’s (Vaginal Birth After C-Section) or I was too far along for them to want to take me on. I was getting very discouraged and despaired that I would find anyone who would help me. I was thinking I would just have to bite the bullet and get a C-section when the last midwife told me that she knew someone who did VBAC’s and gave me her number. She accepted me immediately and set up an appointment.

My midwife is the best thing that could have happened to me in this pregnancy. Her values on labor, delivery, and birth are similar to mine. She loves it that Ryan is very involved. She answered every question we had until we were satisfied. She helped with all the rushed paperwork that needed to be done. She set up an appointment for me with her back-up OB. She coordinated everything so I didn’t have the extra stress. The hospital in which I will give birth has policies so I won’t be chained to a bed. They have all the equipment I may need to having a successful natural birth such as birthing balls and tubs. This hospital is only 20 minutes away unlike the other one which was 35-60 minutes away depending on Johannesburg traffic. My midwife is going to be helping me through my labor. She is not going to be there just to catch like the doctor was. God did have something better for us. I don’t know what labor will be like, but I am more hopeful than ever that I can actually have this baby without having surgery.

Please join Ryan and I in praying that this little one will be delivered naturally. Please also pray that the baby would turn. Little Munchkin is head down (Thank God) but is backwards. His/her face is supposed to face by back but, at the moment he/she is facing my stomach. That doesn’t make it impossible for me to give birth but it may make it more difficult.

My due date in March 15 but everyone knows babies come in their own time. My mum is coming out on March 5th. She would appreciate it if you would all pray that Little Munchkin come after March 5th so she can be here. She missed Aryanna’s birth by a week because Ary came 2 weeks early.

For Ary’s birth we had a little contest: a baby pool. No you will not be winning money if you get it right but I will send you chocolate. If you want to have a little fun with us, go ahead and guess

(If the form doesn’t show, you can enter in info by going to this link:

Ryan and I will be putting in our guesses too since we will be surprised as well. Thank you all for supporting us and praying for us.

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