Where are we?

March has been a month of traveling.

We had the privilege of going up to Fort Collins where we were able to re-connect with old friends, visit supporters, and become addicted to Dr. Who.

We also drove over 3,000 miles from Colorado to Mississippi and back without killing each other. 🙂 We listened to books on tape to keep ourselves sane for the 18 hours of driving each way. We discovered that in Dallas it doesn’t matter if you have a GPS or a map because neither can help you with all the construction going on. We drove aimlessly through downtown Dallas at rush hour with no hope of finding a destination until our friend called us and got us through the chaos to his house. We also discovered that we have some pretty mad map reading skills that happen to be better than Google Maps. Thank God or we might have been lost several times.

One of Ryan’s cousins got married in early March so we went down to celebrate with him and his new bride. We traveled all over Mississippi. This was only the 2nd time that I (Elyse) have ever been down South. My impressions of people in Mississippi are that they are some of the most friendly and hospitable people I have met in the USA. They are also passionate. When they do something, they go all out. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is watch their football games and marching band competitions. We had the honor of watching a cousin perform in a marching band competition. It was so complex and amazing. I was very impressed at the practice, dedication, and professionalism of the performance. They also like to eat out a lot.

After all that traveling, we are happy to be home and to get back into the regular routine.

However, today we helped Ryan’s parents to move the last bits of their belongings into a Uhaul, give them both one last hug, and send them off to Nebraska where James will be preaching his first sermon on Easter Sunday. It is hard to see them go but wonderful that they are getting back into the ministry.


We wanted to share with you a story from TWR Africa. We have told many of you about the Muslim targeted broadcast called The Way of Righteousness. We are so excited for this broadcast because it opens a door for sharing gospel with Muslims.





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