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Radio and media affect many people. Trans World Radio’s broadcasts reach over sixty different countries with programs in over 225 different languages. While it is impossible to know every single story affected by the broadcast, we do hear about some incredible things that God is doing through radio. Each story listed below is is a story from our listeners. Either by letter or by visitation from a TWR representative, we’ve had the chance to hear how Christ used radio to work in their hearts.

Listener Letter From West Africa

I had been going to church for a long time, but always kept my fetish or talisman, because I was afraid of death. After listening to your show, I understood that the fetish is only a human invention and a lie, so I abandoned it; now I truly believe in Jesus Christ. Today I feel quite free. I know that Jesus protects me now and that nothing can happen to me if Jesus authorizes. Glory be to God!

~ A listener from West Africa

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Listener Encouraged by Abstinence Teachings

“Thank you for your programme on abstinence. I am encouraged by the actions of your guests and the advice helped me to solve a problem with my sexual partner who did not want to listen to me. I told him simply to legalize our relationship so that we no longer talk about abstinence and he said he is not ready for a serious relationship. This is where our paths diverged. I am calm and happy today to live my life as I heard on your programme. I practice abstinence. Thanks to TWR.”

~from a listener in Cote d’Ivoire~

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What Bible Over the Radio Really Means


We received a very short, yet powerful letter this month from a Listener in Ethiopia. We wanted to share it with you because it illustrates how powerful radio can be for remote areas. One of the reasons we joined TWR was because of the need for God’s word around the globe. From our background, it’s easy to take a Bible for granted seeing that we grew up with too many English translations to count! However, it’s hard to take it for granted after hearing from this listener.

“Though I am a student whose pocket cannot afford to purchase a Bible, your Bible teaching programs on the radio allow me to write down every word of God you broadcast. Now I have almost 32 exercise books on which I have written down the notes. Every day I read from my exercise books using them as a Bible and I am blessed from it.”

Original Picture by Suzanne Chapman

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A Door to the Light – A Story of Hope from the Middle East

Web_small_MiddleEastThe following is a letter from one of our Arabic listeners.

“Dear Friends, your radio broadcast is one of a kind. From where I live, Christianity is vague, and we do not have literature or books about it. Since my childhood I liked Jesus Christ, but because no one could help me with knowing Him better, I tried to seek different means and ways…

Many Christian TV channels and radio stations criticize non-Christian religions. I found that only TWR is not doing that. Apparently, TWR is going with the teachings of Christ, to love and to forgive one another. TWR talks about the truth that Christ taught.

I’ve always wanted to have the Holy Bible, but I couldn’t find it in my country because it is forbidden. I did finally download it as a phone app, and now I can read it all the time, but I couldn’t have loved the Bible if not for the Thru the Bible radio program! It really is helping me understand Christ and Christianity.

The program is like a door to the light for me, with all the teachings and explanations. I feel happy and do not want each episode to end, because it is like treasure for me! Many of those who are around me are listeners, too, but they are hesitant to write because of security issues. Thank you so much and keep it up.”

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Finding New Life – A Story of Hope from Zimbabwe

africa_tree“Several years ago, while traveling to a shop in northern Zimbabwe to buy cement, Douglas was held up by robbers. The men beat him severely, poured acid over his body and left him for dead. Some friends found him and took him to the hospital where he spent an entire year of his life. Douglas endured many operations…

“When he returned home, his physical wounds were healed, but the acid left permanent scars on his body. The acid had burned through his eyes and into his eye sockets, leaving him blind.
In excruciating emotional pain, Douglas cried out, “What reason do I have to live? I should have died!”
To drown his sorrows he started drinking heavily and lived recklessly. One day in utter despair, Douglas switched on his radio to block out the travails of life with loud music. Instead, God guided his fingers to tune in TWR broadcasts, where he found Jesus as his Savior.

“I came here to tell you that your broadcasts touched me,” Douglas said as he recounted his life story to the staff at the TWR Zimbabwe studios. “I am here because of your radio programs. I was made blind so I could find Jesus.”

Douglas and his entire family are now believers in Jesus. This courageous man found God’s grace sufficient for all his needs.

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A Family Changed


We received the following response from a listener of “Isolomndeni” (“Eye of the Family”). This is a program and designed to equip families for the pressures and struggles of everyday life. We held a seminar in partnership with Family Impact, an organization that seeks to help build up families and communities in Africa.

“Every day when I was participating at the training discussion groups, I was able to exchange lots of information with my colleagues and this helped me to see things differently.

“I began to change not only in my attitude of doing things, but also in my way of perceiving life as a whole. Every evening I would give feedback to my husband and this made us to have quality time and discussions, which were no longer happening in our life. On Saturday, I invited him to join the seminar.

“He is usually a shy and reserved person but I was so surprised to see him opening up and engaging in discussion sessions. I want to thank TWR and ‘Family Impact’ for this wonderful transformation. My family will never be the same again. As I leave this hall today, I am going to start from scratch and be a wise builder.”

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The Praying Listener


The following are excerpts from an on-line article at

We had heard about him from his pastor, and his mother had requested that if Pastor James was ever in the central province of Kenya, he could visit them, as her son was a regular listener. His name is Kamau. He is probably in his thirties, crippled in both legs and walks on all fours.

When he was told that the TTB producer had come to visit him,he jerked uncontrollably with joy, clapping his hands vigorously and shouting, “Praise the Lord!Glory be to God! Praise the Lord!” for about five minutes. Words cannot adequately describe the joy when they were introduced. Kamau could hardly believe that his beloved Bible teacher was right here in his home. He could touch him and see him.

Kamau could give account after account of various episodes of the programme. He could retell the illustrations that the pastor gave on air. Because of his disability, he is unable to go to church and the TTB programmes, he says, is his church. He may not be able to kneel down to pray but it amazed us that he spends 15 minutes in prayer before each broadcast, praying for the producer and for those who would be listening. He also prays for another 15 minutes after each broadcast.

“I do not see him the way that you see him,”says his mother, referring to Kamau’s disability.“I see a servant of God, a prayer warrior.”

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A Radio Encourages


During our time in Dallas, we attended a Sunday school class taught by a good friend of ours.  He spoke on persecution.  In South Africa and the US we feel separated from the persecution of other believers.  We can’t relate and have no idea how to help our brothers and sisters.

The following letter reminds us that we all are a part of reaching out to our family across the world.  Hearing about how TWR’s messages are reaching these people reminds us how important it is to be a part of TWR.  We hope this letter encourages you, reminding you that whether you are prayer warriors or financial supporters, you are a part of making this possible.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is my second letter that I write you to tell you a great thanks for the good work you are doing for God’s glory, as well as for the salvation of humanity. I received your mail. Thank you for the Bible and the movie that you sent me, which helped me a lot to fortify my faith. Certainly, you have heard about the new laws promulgated against evangelism by authorities of our country. Some think that this event is going to sadden us; but the opposite happened, for it only confirms what Jesus said: If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they kept my word, they will also keep yours. In conclusion, we know that the victory is acquired, and that no person in the world will be able to take from us our joy and the peace that our Lord gave us. Say Amen with us! Let’s continue praying for one another. See you soon.

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Forgotten Christians are Not Alone

This article was written by Ray Alary, President of TWR Canada.  I’ve reposted it on our website for our readers but you can see the original here.  Its just another great way God is using radio around the world.


When you think of persecuted Christians what comes to mind? China, the Middle East? What about Cuba, north and east African countries like Somalia, Libya, and Algeria. The Philippines and Malaysia? There are more than 60 countries that The Voice of the Martyrs Canada classifies as restricted, where laws allow the persecution and execution of Christians. Many more countries have legislation allowing Christians to worship but turn a blind eye to prejudice, persecution, and destruction of property. The Voice of the Martyrs Canada also reports that more than 200 million Christians are denied basic human rights based solely on their religion.

These places are difficult mission fields. Missionaries struggle to reach these people, the social and political persecution faced in these countries makes it very difficult for believers to gather or have access to Bibles or other biblical materials. The statistics gathered by ministries and non-profits are a best guess because much of the persecution happens in rural settings where authorities are not compelled to report violence or can’t be bothered to.

Not Alone Any More

Many Christians in these persecuted areas cling to the broadcasts from TWR. Radios are more easily concealed and listened to in secret. They gather in small groups to listen to preachers and teachers and soak up every morsel of spiritual learning they can because they don’t have Bibles or a trained pastor to lead them. Under a pillow at night, they are connected to the global church through TWR and grow in their faith.

“We were permitted to have portable radios…a group of us were trying to tune into a program and were surprised to find the Spanish transmission of Radio Transmundial (TWR) from Bonaire, Dutch Antilles. The reception was crystal clear, like we listened to a local program. It was the first time I had heard a program like that. To listen to sermons and Christian music in the middle of such difficult circumstances was an unexpected and valuable blessing.” ~Alberto Gonzalez, TWR’s Ministry Director in Cuba.

Join us in praying for those who are persecuted, mistreated, or imprisoned for their faith. Pray that the TWR signal they cling to remains strong, and that we are able to grow our ministry to reach even more of these people for the Gospel.

Photo taken by Roo Reynolds

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The Way of Righteousness- a braodcast helping us to tell Muslims the gospel of Jesus

The gulf between Christian and Islamic cultures usually seems far too wide to be bridged. As a result, few Bible-based radio programs are focused on addressing the unique interests and needs of Muslim seekers.

But a program produced by TWR Africa appears to be successfully crossing that divide. The Way of Righteousness not only is finding a way to help Muslims understand the gospel in their own cultural context but also is appealing to their natural curiosity about the faith

The Way of Righteousness has a track record as the most popular radio program among Muslims in many languages in West Africa. The program is based on a chronological Bible-teaching style borrowed from the “Firm Foundations” series published in 1985 by New Tribes missionaries Trevor McIlwain and Nancy Everson.

The program was originally developed by Paul D. Bramsen as a series of 100 15-minute episodes for the Wolof people of Senegal. Printed scripts in 11 languages have guided translation and radio production into more than a hundred languages.

The Koran, the holy book of Islam, hints at many figures from the Bible such as Adam, Noah, Abraham and Daniel but gives little detail. Muslims are often curious about these biblical characters, and The Way of Righteousness satisfies this curiosity while providing listeners with an opportunity to find out more about who Jesus really is.

Building on the strengths of The Way of Righteousness, TWR Africa is striving to form closer ties with community FM radio stations and other interested partners to open doors for relevant, life-changing content to Muslim listeners.

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