Elyse’s Surprise Birthday

I turned 30 this year. Woohoo! My Pastor says I have now entered “club wisdom”. I’m not sure that’s true but it sounds better than you’re old.

A couple days leading up to the weekend, Ryan was getting very busy at work. I was getting worried about his stress. On Friday evening he told me that he was going out with a friend. Knowing he needed the break, I was glad he was taking the opportunity to get out. I woke up at 2 the next morning with a jolt as I heard the front door open. Ryan was just getting home!!

On asking why he was getting home now, he said that during his time with his friend, he had been called for a problem at TWR and had to go into the office. Then at around 9 the next morning, he was called in again! I felt so bad that all these problems were happening especially on the weekend.

After Ryan got home, he convinced me to go to a local park so we could have some family time and let the kids play outdoors. As we are walking to the playground, Ryan asked me if I recognized anyone. Bewilderly, I looked around and noticed a bunch of my friends standing around a braai. It finally hit me. A surprise birthday party. I was completely floored.

We had chicken and beef fajitas. Plus one of my friends made me an old lady cake with a pill box, glasses, and a cane. It turns out that those “problems at the office” were Ryan hand making 60 tortillas and preparing the meat for the fajitas. Now that is what I call love.

We had a lovely Braai. The kids had a blast playing at the playground and chasing my balloons all over the field. It was a wonderful way to turn 30. I’m excited to see what this new decade holds for me.

My old lady cake

Ryan is not paying good attention to the meat on the braai

All the kids had fun playing with the balloons

Ary and her friend Noah having fun

Good friends enjoying the sunshine and fajitas

The balloon is chasing me!!

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