Elyse’s Surprise Birthday

I turned 30 this year. Woohoo! My Pastor says I have now entered “club wisdom”. I’m not sure that’s true but it sounds better than you’re old.

March 2018 Newsletter

At the beginning of January, we made the long journey back to South Africa. Now, after six months of being nomads, we are finally in our new home.

December 2017 Newsletter

Where in the world is the Seal family?

September 2017 Newsletter

We arrived in North Carolina on July 21st with quite a bump, literally and figuratively.

The Journey of Owen Enoch

They whisked me away downstairs. There was a flurry of action happening as everyone was called to the theatre.

March 2017 Newsletter

We’re staying for another term!

Trusting God

I hope your New Year has been a good one so far. Ours has been a month filled with struggle.

2016 December Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Listener Letter From West Africa

I had been going to church for a long time, but always kept my fetish or talisman, because I was afraid of death. After listening to your show, I understood that the fetish is only a human invention and a lie, so I abandoned it; now I truly believe in Jesus Christ. Today I feel…

September 2016 Newsletter

A trip to the zoo with the family, swing dancing in a local coffee shop, and a big family reunion picnic

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