Learning Afrikaans

Ary is walking! Ryan and Elyse are learning Afrikaans!

Jesus Loves You

Watch a new video from TWR called Jesus Loves You.

Our Newest Team Member

Say hello to Aryanna Beth Seal

June 2015 Newsletter

The highest rates of infant mortality happen here in Africa…

Your Skills Are Needed in Missions

Come use your skills with TWR.

Pray for TWR in Africa

Violence has erupted in two countries where TWR is operating South Africa and Burundi. Please join us in prayer for these two countries.

March 2015 Newsletter

So far the new year has brought really good things…

What Bible Over the Radio Really Means

We received a very short, yet powerful letter this month

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! NO! It’s a pup!

That’s right. A baby Seal will be joining us in early July

Trip to Limpopo

I got an e-mail saying, you are going to Limpopo for a conference about HIV. Your purpose is to gather information about how we can broadcast our children’s program, “Grandma’s Village” to people in Limpopo. I had to look up Limpopo on a map. I had never heard of that country, and for a good…

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